Gyutai Balázs has announced the release of an update to the Alpha Forever Modular polyphonic modular synthesizer software for Windows.

2021’s first update to the node-based modular sound design tool brings lots of new nodes to the table, while improving workflow efficiency and stability.

Changes in Alpha Forever Modular 2021/01

  • New nodes:
    • Filter 4p Modulated: 4-pole multimode ladder filter.
    • Filter 4p NL Modulated: 4-pole non-linear multimode ladder filter.
    • Filter SVF Modulated: state-variable multimode filter with controllable steepness.
    • Filter 1p Modulated: 1-pole filter with 5 different outputs.
    • Plate Reverb: Nice-sounding plate reverb effect.
    • Pseudo Random: Generates seeded noise.
  • Parallel patching: Connect up to 9 parallel wires at once by pressing a number key on the keyboard while patching.
  • 2 inputs + 2 outputs mode: Solves compatibility issues with some VST Hosts that handle multichannel VSTs as 7.1 systems (Adobe Premiere, Steinberg Nuendo), or mute multichannel instruments (Studio One).
  • Double right-click on knobs and sliders reset them to default value instead of center.
  • Spectrum analyzer: Displays the frequency and measured gain below the cursor. Outputs the block size, and horizontal lines indicate the levels on the analyzer.
  • Stability improvements regarding the scope and preset switching in certain DAWs.

Alpha Modular Forever for Windows (64-bit VST) is available for $80 USD.