Gábor Gyutai and Balázs Gyutai have launched Alpha Forever, a modular sound design environment for Windows.

Alpha Forever is a node based modular sound design tool which allows you to create custom instruments and effects in uncompromised quality as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Alpha Forever started as a fun project by the hungarian brothers Gábor Gyutai and Balázs Gyutai. After 3 years of development things started to get more serious, and in the year 2018 they finally released the first version under the name: Alpha Forever (reflecting the never ending development).

Alpha Forever Modular ScreenShot Ableton 01

Alpha Forever features

  • Up to 32 voices of polyphony.
  • Over 100 presets (synths, sound FX, delay effects, modulations, dynamics, tools).
  • Every signal is calculated at audio rate, you can connect anything with anything.
  • No limitation on the amount of nodes used in a patch.
  • More than 80 nodes available already (math tools, MIDI inputs, LFOs, bandlimited oscillators, envelopes, delays etc.)
  • Designed for fast node editing, several nodes have their own interfaces.
  • MIDI and parameter automation.
  • Scalable plug-in window.
  • Intuitive, zoomable, fast, vector graphics interface.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Undo.
  • Copy / Paste patches into text editors / online text fields.
  • Constantly developed.
  • No in app purchases, no subscription plans.

Alpha Forever for Windows (64-bit VST) is available for 50 EUR. A fully functional free trial version is available for download (saving is disabled).

More information: Alpha Forever