The Alpha Forever Modular polyphonic modular synthesizer software for Windows has been updated with new modules, primarily focusing on mixing and audio signal processing.

Started as a fun project by the Hungarian brothers Gábor Gyutai and Balázs Gyutai Alpha Forever is a node based modular sound design tool which allows you to create custom instruments and effects in uncompromised quality as quickly and conveniently as possible. After 3 years of development the plugin was released in October 2018 and is updated several times per year.

Changes in Alpha Forever Modular

  • New nodes:
    • Compressor – a transparent compressor to enhance your mixes.
    • Dynamix – our own version of a dynamic processor.
    • EQ band filter (single and dual channel) – a high quality EQ band filter using ZDF filters.
    • EQ shelving filter (single and dual channel) – a high quality EQ shelving filter (low/high) using ZDF filters.
    • Spectrum analyzer – a 2 channel spectrum analyzer with adjustable refresh rate and smoothing.
    • Stereo Mixer 4 – an 8 channel mixer with 4 stereo tracks.
    • Stereo track – volume and panning of a stereo track.
  • New features:
    • Node processing order display mode.
    • Plugs that create a sample delay (due to feedback or other processing issues) are now differentiated by a ‘z’ sign.
  • Fixes:
    • Eliminated a sample delay on the 4p filters Hp and Bp outputs.
    • Node processing order optimizations.
    • Pop-up descriptions are now more readable in dark UI mode.
    • Improved version tracking.

Alpha Modular Forever for Windows is available for $80 USD.

More information: Alpha Forever