The Alpha Forever Modular polyphonic modular synthesizer software for Windows has been updated with new new modules, features and fixes.

Started as a fun project by the Hungarian brothers Gábor Gyutai and Balázs Gyutai Alpha Forever is a node based modular sound design tool which allows you to create custom instruments and effects in uncompromised quality as quickly and conveniently as possible. After 3 years of development the plugin was released in October 2018 and now has an updated version.

Changes in the update

  • Dark UI mode.
  • 4-pole ZDF multimode ladder filter node.
  • Hover over scopes allow easier understanding of connections.
  • New UI animations allow to keep track with changes easier.
  • Custom function node.
  • Hotkey ‘C’ above a plug for inserting con nodes.
  • Pasting places new nodes to cursor position.
  • Resizable scope.
  • Numeric input fields can be tuned via mouse.
  • Performance, stability and compatibility fixes.

Alpha Modular Forever is available for Windows (64-bit VST), priced $80 USD.

More information: Alpha Forever