Aly James Lab has announced a full remake of the OB-Xtreme software synthesizer based on Oberheim’s OB-X and OB-Xa synthesizers.

OB-Xtreme 2 is more closely related to original OB designs and specs.

What happens when you take 8 mono synths and use them together? Huge analog sound! This sound is the result of slight imperfections between each voice card and, because of some electronic components (mis)behavior, parts from the orginal circuit (notably the OB-X) caused all sort of distortion happening at different stages from filter to VCA and also at the output stage, OB-Xtreme place a special attention to the later with an emphasis on “the Growl”.

Version 2 comes in VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac. It features an updated GUI with high-resolution graphics and DPI awareness, a rewritten and refined sound engine, and many additional features over the original version.

Available now for 45 EUR, the pre-release version 2.0 is fully functional, though v2 factory presets are missing (only v1 bank + some extra are included until September), and LFO2 is not active. The final release is scheduled for September 2022, which will be a free update for v2 owners.

More information: Aly James Lab