AM Music has released the VL-122, a virtual organ instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

The AM Music Technology VL-122 VST instrument virtually reproduces the vintage electro-mechanic spinet organ Hammond™ L-122.

The sound engine of the VL-122 is a physical modeling emulation of the real electro-mechanic generators (tone-wheels), drawbars, filters and effects (vibrato and reverb) that compose the original instrument.
Moreover, some new effects have been added to recreate the complete set of timbres that characterize all the Hammond spinet organ sounds, from classic and church to rock and progressive.

VL-122 features

  • High level of compatibility to different hosts or HW platforms.
  • Very lightweight algorithms, so that simple and cheap virtual machines don’t suffer overloads of the CPU.
  • Easy installation procedure, there is no need of any installers, simply copy the vl122.dll file in the right folder.
  • High degree of MIDI configuration capability, very useful when using simple and poor VST hosts.
  • The VL-122 implements the same user controls that you can find in the real instrument, like drawbars, tabs and expression pedal.
  • Furthermore there is also a set of controls, added to handle the new features not present in the original instrument, like wave-shaping, key-click, tube saturation, leslie effect and sustain pedal.
  • Any configuration of the VL-122 is storable in up to 128 programs and can be reloaded through midi program change.
  • All the controls can be handled through midi control change messages.

VL-122 is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for 39.99 EUR.

Visit AM Music for more information.