Amaranth Audio has released version 1.6 of its Cycle spectral vertex synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Amaranth Audio Cycle

Cycle was designed to excel in two frontiers: timbral complexity and timbral variation with time.

Cycle is ideal for modelling real instruments, for designing the most challenging tones, and for giving a distinctive sound to your music.

Changes in Cycle v1.6

  • New Reference Samples tutorial.
  • Improved pitch tracking on samples.
  • Folder navigation features in Preset Browser.
  • Deformer feature: random phase offset.
  • “About” window.
  • 18 new presets.
  • Fixed when an envelope had a component deformer curve, it’s gain was unsaved.
  • Fixed Windows 0xc0000142 error on AMD CPUs.
  • Fixed after loading reference sample, the phase spectrogram was sometimes blank.
  • Fixed case when loading a new sample while one playing back could cause crash.
  • Preset/sample browser now shows displays files of all supported sample formats (wav, ogg, flac, aif[f]).
  • Fixed inaccuracies for low pitches with Swipe pitch-tracking algorithm.
  • Pitch envelope visualization is more accurate in waveform surface.
  • Audio samples at different sample-rates now play back properly.

Cycle for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone) is available for purchase for $149 USD.

More information: Amaranth Audio / Cycle