Amazing Machines has launched Brute VRS, a virtual recall sheet for the Arturia MiniBrute synthesizer.

Amazing Machines Brute VRS

BRUTE VRS allows users to digitally store patches made on the Hardware Synth.

Although BRUTE VRS does not generate any sound on it’s own, special attention to detail has been taken to achieve visual feedback that is as close as possible to the hardware instrument, including the LEDs for Octave Selection, Envelopes, LFO and Arpeggiator Tempo.

The Pitch and Mod Wheels respond to incoming MIDI Data from the MiniBrute, while the Envelopes’ LEDs blink, in a similar fashion to the hardware, when notes are played and depending on how the Envelopes are set. The Arpeggiator Tempo can be Synced to a DAW’s Tempo using the Clock Source Switch. This level of detail may sound trivial at first, for a simple Virtual Recall Sheet, but it’s essential to allow the end user to store and load patches fast and easy.

BRUTE VRS features

  • 1 Reaktor Ensemble.
  • Virtual representation of every single parameter on the hardware instrument.
  • Virtual representation of all the blinking LEDs, as close as possible to the hardware response.
  • Protects the environment using software instead of paper to store patches.

Brute VRS is available for purchase for $14.99 USD. Requires Native Instruments Reaktor/Reaktor Player version 5.8 or newer.

More information: Amazing Machines / Brute VRS