Amazing Machines Colorful Noise

Amazing Machines has announced the release of Colorful Noise, a noise generator for the Blocks Modular System in Native Instruments Reaktor 6.

A Noise Generator like no other, Colorful Noise can do much more than a standard Noise Generator. Earth Shaking Noise Sweeps, Modulated Noise, Tuned Noise, Chiptune Style Noise and Random LFO Speed Noise are so easy to achieve with Colorful Noise that you won’t believe your ears.

Colorful Noise also comes with a Builtin Output VCA, making the setup of complex patches fast and easy.

Colorful Noise features

  • 1 Reaktor Block.
  • White Noise Generator with a Builtin Sample Rate Divider.
  • Fast and Slow S&H Modes for Audio Range and LFO Speed Operation.
  • Color Knob controls the Division Factor of the Sample Rate Divider.
  • KBD Knob Crossfades between the S&H and the Keyboard Tracking circuits.
  • Coarse and Fine tune controls for the Keyboard Tracking Oscillator.
  • CV2 Range Switch selects between Semitones and Cents.
  • Mute Switch.
  • Builtin Output VCA with selectable Exponential and Linear curves.
  • Independent CV Modulation Inputs for Color, Pitch and VCA Level.

Colorful Noise is available for purchase for $9 USD. Requires Reaktor 6.0 or newer (full version).

More information: Amazing Machines / Colorful Noise