NUGEN Audio has announced the release of the AMB Audio Management Batch Processor, a modular application for Windows and OSX that enables post production facilities to speed-up workflows significantly for a range of different tasks, including upmixing and loudness management.

AMB is a powerful new solution which radically expands on the concept of NUGEN Audio’s loudness management batch processing technology for high-speed audio loudness measurement and correction.

NUGEN Audio AMB Audio Management Batch Processor

AMB enables post-production facilities to speed workflows significantly and reduce delivery times for a range of different tasks, such as upmixing and loudness management. AMB also offers new features including threaded algorithm processing and multiple processing threads that are addressable for simultaneous parallel handling of files and queues.

“Our loudness processing is the fastest in its class, offering a highly efficient and cost-effective batch-file solution that meets audio professionals’ most demanding requirements, ” said Jon Schorah, founder and creative director, NUGEN Audio. “AMB significantly increases these capabilities to give customers batch processing options for more of our award-winning, workflow-enhancing technologies.”

AMB offers scalability, allowing post-production facilities of all sizes to add the precise processing modules they need and tailor the system to their exact requirements. AMB comes standard with two watch folders/processing queues. If users need extra power and speed, the AMB Queue Expansion provides additional watch folders/processing queues. A total of up to 16 AMB Queue Expansions can be added.

As standard, the base AMB module also includes two independent processing threads that optimize workflows by allowing two simultaneous processes to run in parallel. For even greater speed and efficiency, users can add the AMB Thread Expansion to activate additional processing threads up to a total of 16.

A range of module options, along with new customization features in the AMB processor, enable customers to carry out a great range of audio-processing tasks:

  • AMB Upmix Module. This new batch processing option leverages core technologies from NUGEN Audio’s Halo Upmix plug-in to enable high-quality, automatic upmixing to 5.1 and 7.1 from stereo and multichannel sources, with exact downmix compatibility if required.
  • AMB Loudness Module. NUGEN Audio’s loudness analysis and correction processes are now available in the AMB Loudness Module. This module allows addressing of multiple target loudness criteria and repurposing of audio to multiple targets from a single file, along with sophisticated logging, reporting, and graphing capabilities.
  • AMB DynApt Module. With this option, AMB adds support for NUGEN Audio’s DynApt technology for loudness-range targeting and content repurposing. At the same time, the tool respects dialog levels within the original material to ensure dialog intelligibility.
  • AMB MXF and ProRes Modules. These extensions enable users to carry out native processing of the audio essence within MXF wrappers or ProRes files.

NUGEN Audio will continue to add modules to enable users to carry out an even greater range of processing tasks in the future.

AMB is now available for Windows and OS X. Included with all modules, the base configuration of AMB accesses two watch folders/processing queues and two processing threads as standard. Each additional functional module (Loudness, Upmix, DynApt, MXF, and ProRes) is priced at $999 USD.

The additional expansions to increase processing power and speed — the AMB Queue Expansion, which adds additional watch folders/processing queues, and the AMB Thread Expansion, which adds a processing thread — can be added up to a total of 16 folders and 16 threads at $499 USD each.

Existing NUGEN Audio LMB processor users will be able to upgrade to the AMB base configuration including the Loudness Module for an introductory price of $249 USD, which will double their existing number of folders/queues and available processing threads. Owners can also cross-grade any of their existing LMB extensions for DynApt, ProRes, and MXF to corresponding AMB modules free of charge.

More information: NUGEN Audio / AMB Audio Management Batch Processor