Ghosthack has released a new collection of melodic MIDI files to inspire your music productions.

The Ambivalence – Melody Collection includes 200 melodies with a variety of memorable melodic lines across 23 different genres of music.

It also comes with all 200 MIDI sequences used to make those melodies AND 70 one-shot instrument samples to help get you started writing variations on the themes provided or start something new from scratch. It even includes the construction kit used to produce the demo track.

Here’s a quick look at some of the categories you’ll find in the Ambivalence Melody Loops Pack: Future Rave, Festival, Synthwave, Piano House, Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, Lo-Fi, Reggaeton, Future Bass, Slap House, Deep House, Japanese Trap, Pop, Tech House, Downtempo, Acid, Mid-Tempo, NuDisco, Melodic House, Trance, Bass House, and even more…

The sound pack is on sale for the intro price of 24.95 EUR instead of 49.95 EUR (prices ex. VAT where applicable).

More information: Ghosthack