Launchpad for iOS has seen numerous updates and improvements over the past 12 months. The app has a range of new accessibility features and over 1000 new sounds.

Ampify has made important steps towards making music more accessible. Launchpad now has voiceover control, variable font size and Switch Access support to help those with physical or sight difficulties make music.

Lauchpad Key Change Session

Ampify has also added features that allow new users to make great sounding music instantly. Two primary features in this regard are Launchpad’s tempo and key system, which allow users to always remain in time and key, even without any musical knowledge. Ampify wants users to enjoy their music making experience without worrying about the difficult parts.

Language should never be a barrier to making music. That’s why Ampify has now made Launchpad available in Chinese.

Launchpad Chinese

The app was previously available only in English, which meant that non-English-speaking users may have struggled to navigate the app. Launchpad’s language infrastructure allows more languages to be rolled out in the future.

For users with a deeper understanding of music making, Launchpad now offers enhanced FX on iPad. Launchpad’s in-app purchases allow users to tweak numerous parameters on FX such as Delay, Flanger and Stutter. Launchpad’s new collection of sounds means that music makers can find the right sound for them.

A new iPad, a new iOS. Ampify are keeping up to date with the latest Apple hardware and software to ensure our users have the smoothest music making experience possible on iOS.

Launchpad for iOS is available as a free download on the App Store.

More information: Ampify