Ample Sound has announced the release of the Ample Slide LapSteel, a virtual instrument that brings the sounds of a super rare Jedson LapSteel made with David Gilmour/Pink Floyd specifications with a single EMG pickup.

Want that MASSIVE “Floyd Sound” or Gilmour’s Tone? Well, look no further because our Ample Slide LapSteel will deliver. Get ready to fly and make some music. By the way, ASL is certainly not only limited to Rock. It is designed for Psychedelic Rock, Ambient, Hawaiian, Blues and Country styles.

Ample Slide LapSteel features

  • 2.8 GB content.
  • Stereo and Mono Modes.
  • Sustain, Legato Slide, Slide in & out, Quarter Slide, Natural Harmonic, Legato Vibrato, Buzzing, Glissando 9 articulations.
  • Legato Slide system designed specially for slide guitars, capable of legato slide of any length, interval, and polyphonic notes.
  • SAHDS Modulation System.
  • Endless Articulation Legato.
  • Built-in AMP system, including 6 classic amp models and 7 matching cabinets.
  • Includes FX: 8-band EQ, compressor, tap echo, and IR reverb.
  • New Riffer features: supports 64 measure riff, new Legato Position property to control the start time of a legato.

The Ample Slide LapSteel plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats and as a standalone host for Windows and Mac. It has an introductory price of $89 USD until November 21st, 2021 (regular $119 USD).

Previous Ample Sound customers can get an additional 10% discount by logging into their account before making a purchase.

More Information: Ample Sound