Ample Sound has released version 2.2.0 of Ample Guitar (AGG, AGF, AGP, AGL, AGM, AGT and AGML) and Ample Bass (ABP, ABJ), the virtual guitar and bass guitar instruments for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Ample Guitar/Bass v2.2.0

  • Added Cycle+ Feature. When toggled on, sample cycles can reach up to 24 (default is 8), which significantly enhances repetitive notes. No more bland and robotic ‘machine gun effect’.
  • Added automatic stroke noise applied to solo mode, making riffs more realistic.
  • Added MIDI channel information for exported MIDI.
  • The mute notes of electric guitar Strummer will stop other voices.
  • Changed windows complete installers to self-extract execution files. No more decompression software (e.g. Winrar) needed.
  • Improved GUI efficiency on Mac.
  • Added new version upgrade reminder.

The updates are free of charge for owners of corresponding Ample Guitar and Ample Bass software. Users can get their updates through the MyAmpleSound page.

More information: Ample Sound