Ample Sound has released version 1.2.5 of the AGM, AGT & AGL, version 1.3.5 of AGP, and version 1.1.5 of the AGML Ample Guitar plug-ins.

Changes in Ample Guitar

  • Improved guitar doubling effects, more humanized.
  • Fixed the bug where the sequencer stops playing when DAW is loop playing.
  • Added a function that enables the pitch wheel to control/pitch bend a designated note when multiple notes are sounding.
  • Fixed a sound glitch (white noise bug) occurred in strum mode, when the chord defining notes and strumming notes are triggered simultaneously.
  • Updated Ample Guitar Standalones to 1.1.0; refined Audio/MIDI settings UI; supported user-defined tempo in standalones; supported ASIO devices on Windows.
  • Fixed a pitch wheel offset bug which used to happen in AGF, AGG and AGP during automation.

The updates are available to Ample Guitar customers in their MyAmpleSound accounts.

More information: Ample Sound