Ample Sound has released free updates of its virtual guitar instruments for Windows and Mac.

Changes in version 2.51

  • Added “Clear measure” and “Copy Measure” features in Riffer.
  • Add Slide Out on 3rd fret G string.
  • Tab UI changes.
  • Fixed: Sometimes note can’t stop playing when playing on fretboard.
  • Fixed: Notes with high velocity break in Solo Mode.
  • Fixed: Some problems when importing MIDI to Riffer.
  • Fixed: Logic gets stuck when dragging and dropping Pitch Bend from Riffer into Logic.
  • Fixed: Palm Mute can’t be exported to MIDI from Riffer.
  • Fixed: Some Slide In notes can not be exported to MIDI.
  • Fixed: Sometimes minor third Slide Up becomes to minor second when exporting Riff to MIDI.
  • Fixed: Note can be moved out of range in Riffer.
  • Fixed: Note can’t stop playing when moved holding shift.
  • Fixed: Note can change length or overlap when moved acrossing other notes holding shift.
  • Fixed: Riffer can’t load preset when Preference window is closed.
  • Fixed: The parameters of Pick Attack, Random, Fade In, Stroke Noise etc can’t be saved in Electric guitars.

Changes in Ample Metal Eclipse v2.51

  • Added a new tuning file.
  • Updated the Scales for Riffer Dice.
  • Changed the the fingering of Power 4 chords in Strummer.
  • Fixed: note A#6 can’t control the playback of Riffer.
  • Fixed: Palm Mute can’t be played in Tab panel.
  • Fixed: The threshold value of velocity layer doesn’t work in Settings panel.
  • Fixed: Velocity value in MIDI Out mode is different from the one in Riffer.

Changes in Ample Guitar Hollow v2.51

  • Fixed: Wrong tune file.
  • Fixed: Incorrect preset files.

Ample Guitar instruments are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX/Standalone).

All updates are free of charge for owners of corresponding Ample Guitar instruments. The updates are available through the MyAmpleSound page.

More information: Ample Sound