Bedroom Producers Blog has announced the release of a “BPB Edition” of Rare, a free Pultec-style program equalizer plugin by Analog Obsession.

With a fully optimized circuit and improved DSP, the plugin comes with a new 4x oversampling feature and macOS Big Sur compatibility. Rare also comes with an optional pre-EQ gain stage to saturate the signal before it hits the EQ circuit.

There are tons of Pultec! All different but same process at the end. We thought that our version must be different!

Pultec is passive eq with gain stage at the end. Simple but awesome design. I changed this design and added switchable gain stage. Pre and Post gain stage!

Rare is available in VST/VST3, and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac.

It is free to download from Analog Obsession’s Patreon page.