analogfactory has announced the release of Black Mamba, a sound library for Ableton Live.

analogfactory Black Mamba

Black, fast and toxic – this is the best description for the rackmounted monophonic true analog MAM MB33 synthesizer which was released in the 90’s. Black Mamba is the replica of this little synth combined with the powerful Rack Instruments of Ableton Live.

Originally released as TB303 clone by MAM (Music and More) from Germany the MB33 got due its cheap and affordable price very fast popular to recreate the typical 303 bass lines. The MB33 had a true analog single VCO with two basic waveforms – square and saw. As the MB33 got the possibility to morph those waveforms it was able to create more tones than the TB303. Black Mamba has been chromatically sampled in 24bit/96khz with high end Apogee A/D converters.

But Black Mamba is not only the replica of the MB33. Beside the 2 basic waveforms square and saw there have been additionally sampled 9 further waveforms using the morph possibilities of the VCO. Combined with the powerful Instrument Racks from Ableton Live there is an unlimited pool of sounds for all kind of music styles which can be created far from the typical TB303 tone.

Black Mamba features

  • 539 Samples in 24bit/96khz.
  • Chromatically sampled the origin note range from C0-C4.
  • 11 Waveforms (Morphings from square to saw).
  • 937 MB unpacked as Ableton Live Project Pack.
  • Each Instrument is controlable via 8 Macros.
  • 1 Multicore Patch (All waveforms in one Ableton Live Instrument Rack, selectable via macro).
  • 11 Core Patches (Each waveform in one Ableton Live Instrument Rack).
  • 5 Bass drum Patches.
  • 12 Bass Patches.
  • 18 Lead Patches.
  • 10 Pad Patches.
  • 8 Stab Patches.
  • 10 FX Patches.
  • 11 Basic waveforms Simpler Instruments (Each waveform in one Simpler instance for own patch development).

Black Mamba for Ableton is available to purchase for the introductory price of $21.99 USD until November 30, 2011 (regular price $29.99 USD).

More information: analogfactory