Analogue Candy has announced its newly launched, Los Angeles based, label for exclusive, producer curated, sample packs.

Analogue Candy

We release sample packs to make your music sound like you didn’t use sample packs to create it. Always curated by the most original talent in the world – and always priced at $5.99.

Our packs are focused on quality rather than quantity. Instead of giving you 4,000 presets that sound similar to what you already have, we want to give you a little, highly exclusive, selection of something you don’t have. This “something” comes in the form of playable sample instruments, drum hits and loops for all major music production programs.

Each pack is intended to be a perfect sugar rush of fresh sounds and new inspiration. Like a piece of candy for your creativity.

The first two packs feature signature sounds from Poolside’s Filip Nikolic and the Brooklyn based producer Ice Choir.

Analogue Candy Filip Nikolic

Filip Nikolic’s pack includes 8 synth patches, 11 drum hits, 14 percussion loops, and 3 EFX and noise loops.

An eclectic variety of sounds curated and created by Filip Nikolic to instantly infuse your productions with that familiar LA / Poolside vibe.

Including the only two kick drums you’ll ever need, a Casio synth that practically made the “Turbotito sound” – and some ultra crisp and ‘alive’ percussion loops.

Analogue Candy Ice Choir

The Ice Choir pack features 14 bubbly synth patches programmed by Kurt Feldman on his favorite hardware gear and carefully multi-sampled for Kontakt / your sampler of choice.

The synth sounds include basses, leads, pads, bells and stabs to instantly infuse your productions with a twist of Ice Choir’s dreamy pop universe.

Furthermore this pack includes 46 of Kurt Feldman’s favorite drum hits extracted from his recent mixing sessions. Here you’ll find 6 kicks, 10 snares and 30 other processed and ready-to-go percussion samples.

Analogue Candy TR-LAX

Also released is TR-LAX Drum Machines, a collection 179 drum samples from 6 drum machines.

We took the six classic “TR” drum machines. Brought them to a Hollywood hit factory responsible for numerous Billboard top-10 hits (by artists like Jason Derulo and Selena Gomez).

Here, we ran every sound of every machine through all the same processing and treatment that a top-5 hit would get. The result is the last TR sample pack you’ll ever need – for the price of a piece of candy.

The sample packs are available for purchase for $5.99 USD each.