Analogue Drums Grandioso

Analogue Drums has released Grandioso, a drum sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24.

Grandioso is about as big as it gets. Turn up the room mic, hit it hard and it will deliver explosive beats with resounding impact. Or back off the room mic and use more moderate dynamics for smooth, subtle and detailed grooves.

The kit is a vintage 1970s Ludwig Vistalite with the toms tuned low for growl, the kick unported for added weight, and two vintage Ludwig Supraphonic snares in medium and high tunings. Accompanied with classic Paiste 2002 cymbals.

Grandioso features

  • Multi-sampling: each key contains 24 velocity layers for expressive detail. Hihats are extensively sampled for convincing realism with 6 articulations (tight, closed, loose, semi-open, open, pedaled).
  • Layers: separately controllable layers for close and room mics.
  • Layouts: General MIDI (GM) and Extended Mapping (EX) layouts provided.
  • Kontakt instrument interface*: with volume and pan controls for individual drums and room mics. Instant snare-swapping button.
  • Sensitivity control*: increase the sensitivity of the kit for more subtle performances or leave it set to full dynamic range for rock and heavier tracks.
  • Presets (only available when using Kontakt): for quickly changing sounds.

Grandioso is available to purchase for $24.95 USD.

More information: Analogue Drums