Analogue Solutions has announced a ‘space’ saving version of the original Colossus classic synth inspired by the 1970’s EMS Synthi 100.

With a 50% smaller foot print, the AS200 Slim synthesizer is ideal for those with a little less spare studio space, or perhaps with very restricted access for installation.

The synth comes with more mixer inputs, fully independent pin matrices (not internally wired to anything), and a lower price tag that the classic version. Furthermore, the Slim version can be stacked on top of a Colossus classic for a grand double height system.

AS200 compromises very little to obtain its smaller footprint – over 50% smaller. The unit is a little taller than the classic. It takes some of the features found in the classic’s horizontal console, and flips them vertical.

Colossus AS200 Slim is available to order, priced at £23,500 GBP (excluding VAT and delivery), with delivery direct to the customer, complete with a selection of patch pins, 3.5 mm ‘mini-jack’ patch cables, and a IEC mains cable. Current delivery time is around two to three months after receipt of deposit.

More information: Analogue Solutions