Andrew Burgess gatr plug-in

Andrew Burgess has released a bunch of Pluggo plug-ins.

  1. gatr provides a beat-syncronised gate (whole to 1/64th notes) with volume sliders for each step, also a multimode filter and delay/reverb
  2. werd contains 2 independent delay lines, a multimode filter, and a re-pitcher each with independent wet/dry levels
  3. gleck is a granular delay/repeater with pre and post effect waveform displays (for people who like to see the effect)
  4. reanimator contains a granular pitch shifter, a stutter/repeater with semi random behaviour and a sonograph to see it’s inner beauty
  5. dirt/sky is a frickin’ mess… on one side it’s a grain-based mangler similar to gleck, but with more control. On the other side it’s a 3 way harmonizer with independent pitch controls. You can set the wet/dry value of the effect in general and the amount of dirt and/or sky to your liking

The plug-ins were originally developed for the Mac platform, but will be all ported to Windows as well, so if you don’t see a download link for a Windows version check back later.

You will need the Pluggo runtime for Mac or Windows which you can download here.

If you like these plug-ins, a donation is appreciated.

Visit Andrew’s website for more information and links to download the plug-ins.