Angular Momentum releases Virtuadrum

Angular Momentum Virtuadrum

Angular Momentum has released Virtuadrum, a freeware multichannel drumsample player with 250 drumsamples.


  • Loads 16 and 24 bit samples
  • 8 stereo channels with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Notch filter modes
  • Load an open hihat into channel 13+14. It will play as closed, foot and open hihat
  • 250 drumsaples included: Kick, Snare, Clap, Hihats, Tom A, Tom B, Perc A. Perc B, Ride and Crash. Every category has 25 samples

Visit Angular Momentum for more information and a link to download Virtuadrum.

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Just got this plugin today and so far it is REALLY good. Differences between other freeware offerings are…

1- 1 sample slot for open AND closed hi hat.
1- Low system resources, not a hog.
3- Great GUI, looks very good.
4- Key assignment for any drum sample.

I will have to try it out in Traction but if it remains this good in there, then its DEFINATELY a keeper and worthy of a donation.

EXCELLENT plugin and essential!