Antares has released AVOX 2, the second generation of the Antares Vocal Toolkit.

Building on the power of the original AVOX plug-in bundle, AVOX 2 adds an additional five state-of-the-art vocal processing modules, including Harmony Engine Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator, to give musicians, producers, and engineers the power they need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style as well as design unique vocal effects for audio post-production applications.

AVOX 2 Antares Vocal Toolkit includes

  • Harmony Engine, a real-time harmony generating plug-in that puts professional-quality vocal harmony arrangements within reach of any songwriter, producer, musician or engineer.
  • MUTATOR – Extreme Voice Designer, provides a combination of tools for creating unusual, weird, or downright wacky voices.
  • ARTICULATOR – Vocal Formant and Amplitude Modeler, lets you extract the formant and amplitude information from a vocal (or other dynamic source) and apply it to any other audio track or to a built-in broadband noise generator.
  • WARM – Tube Saturation Generator, based on Antares’ Tube plug-in.
  • ASPIRE – Aspiration Noise Processor, a tool for modifying a voice’s breathiness independently of its harmonic content.
  • THROAT – Physical Modeling Vocal Designer, lets you process a vocal through a meticulously crafted physical model of the human vocal tract.
  • DUO – Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler, automatically generates a doubled vocal part from an existing vocal.
  • CHOIR – Vocal Multiplier, a unique processor that actually turns a single voice into 4, 8, 16, or 32 distinct individual unison voices, each with its own pitch, timing and vibrato variations.
  • PUNCH – Vocal Impact Enhancer, lets you give your vocal more dynamic impact, allowing it to cut through a dense mix with clarity and power.
  • SYBIL – Variable Frequency De-Esser, tames vocal sibilance with a flexible compressor with threshold, ratio, attack and decay controls as well as a variable highpass frequency to match any vocal performance.

The AVOX 2 bundle is available for Windows and Mac (RTAS/VST/AU) and costs $599 USD.

Visit Antares for more information.