Antelope Audio has announced availability of six new Synergy Core effects for use with its Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Discrete 8 Synergy Core, and Orion Studio Synergy Core, cutting-edge audio interfaces.

Antelope Audio Synergy Core FX

The new effects include:

  • COMP-4K-STRIP: Enjoy the classic punch, glue, drive and saturation of the iconic desk with no latency and zero CPU load, thanks to the DSP+FPGA Synergy Core processing platform built into your Antelope Audio interface.
  • COMP-4K-BUS: The famous ‘mix’ glue bus compressor of the 80s. It resides on the master bus of a fondly remembered series of vintage British consoles.
  • Marble White AutoWah: Replicates a boutique autowah pedal from Finland whose circuit is originally based upon a vintage rackmount wah and further refined to sound like a real wah pedal.
  • MES-432C: The fabled MES-432C is considered the absolute standard in mastering equalizers, the one to which everyone else in the trade must stand up to.
  • MG4: A legendary Series 500 EQ module from a reputable Swedish brand that’s heard on hundreds of top charting records by the likes of Madonna, Snoop Dogg, the Black Eyed Peas and many other faces of popular music.
  • Adaptive Vibrato: Add Vibrato to your modulation effects rack, combine it with the Shred Guitar Amps & Cabs to play emotional solos and add movement to your synthesizers and sounds.

The effects are available for purchase ranging in price from 55 USD/EUR to 145 USD/EUR.

More information: Antelope Audio