Antelope Audio has announce availability of its previously introduced Edge Go, the world’s first bus-powered modeling microphone.

Antelope Audio Edge Go

Antelope Audio’s all-new Edge Go is a studio-grade, large-diaphragm condenser USB microphone that provides producers, travelling musicians, podcasters, music vloggers, and tech reviewers with unprecedented access to Antelope Audio’s industry-leading microphone-modeling technology. The question is: what would recordings sound like with access to a locker-full of classic vintage microphones?

And, as if by magic, Antelope Audio answers with Edge Go, unlocking precise software emulations of many of the world’s most iconic mics and studio effects processors. Plug the USB-equipped Edge Go directly into a Mac or PC, launch the included Edge Go software application, and simply start the recording ball rolling!

Edge Go features

  • Dual-membrane capsule: Think of the Edge Go as the acclaimed Edge Duo – with the convenience of USB recording and on-board effects. Both mics use the same hand-chosen, dual-membrane, gold-sputtered capsule to capture vibrant high-resolution audio in crisp detail. The dual-membrane design ensures accurate replication of expensive classic microphones, heard on timeless records.
  • Bus-powered: Fully powered by your computer’s USB port, the Edge Go does not require 48V phantom power to function. Forget about preamps, mixers, and power supplies – just plug-in and start recording.
  • Headphone-friendly: Connect your favorite pair of cans to the Edge Go’s 3.5mm stereo jack to monitor your recording with zero latency.
  • Fully equipped — The Edge Go comes with all the cables you need, a rugged shockmount, an adjustable pop filter, and a sleek desktop mount – all packed in a portable, sturdy suitcase. A condenser microphone for dynamic days.
  • High fidelity: Premium converters let you record at sample rates starting at 44.1kHz (CD Audio quality) and going all the way up to 192kHz, with a wide and open 117dB dynamic range.

Edge Go is now available for purchase through Antelope Audio’s growing global network of authorized dealers or order online directly from Antelope Audio, priced at $1,595 USD.

More information: Antelope Audio