Antelope Audio will announce a new version of its popular Orion Studio interface at the 142nd AES Convention in Berlin.

The Orion Studio HD will bring the power and versatility of its predecessor to the Pro Tools HD platform with an extensive array of inputs and outputs, powerful real time FX, and incredibly fine control overs routing and operation. Combining the best of the Orion Studio 2017 and the Orion 32 HD, the Orion Studio HD has the tools to serve as the centerpiece of any ProTools HD studio.

Antelope Audio Orion Studio HD

One with the Galaxy
The Orion Studio HD connects to any HD or Native DAW via a high-speed, low-latency USB 3.0 cable, while Antelope Audio’s proprietary HDX delay compensation ensures that any analog or digital input arrives in ProTools sample accurately in the timeline. No other interface on the market offers this level of integration for digital sources to ProTools HD software, making the Orion Studio HD a new standard in HD recording. HD and Native DAWs can even operate simultaneously with the Orion Studio HD, accommodating a wide variety of studio workflows.

FX from Beyond
While many users have favorite Native or HD effects at their disposal, Antelope Audio’s growing library of real time FPGA effects brings a new level of authenticity to digital audio processing thanks to hardware circuit and component modeling. Orion Studio HD users can track with world-famous equalizers, compressors, reverb, and even amp simulations—all used on countless hit recording and all without performance-interrupting latency. The Orion Studio HD will allow up to 32 compressor and 40 EQ instances to operate at once, all without taxing your DAW host system. With a library of carefully modeled classic hardware units available and more coming out all the time, the Orion Studio HD is not only an amazing recording interface but also a powerful digital signal processing platform that allows users to add analog heft to their mixes—digitally.

Highest Peaks, Deepest Valleys
The Orion Studio HD includes Antelope Audio’s new A/D conversion chips, recently introduced for the Orion Studio 2017, which are capable of an incredible 124 decibels of dynamic range during audio conversion. These chips are the perfect complement to Antelope’s legendary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter-management technology, combining to ensure unprecedented authenticity for every sound source on Native and HD systems alike.

Fan-free silent operation also allows the Orion Studio to peacefully coexist in any setup without the need for expensive isolation racks or machine rooms to mitigate noise.

Features that Shine
The Orion Studio HD boasts an impressive collection of analog and digital inputs and outputs, including 12 high-quality microphone preamps, 4 instrument DIs, 16 analog line outputs, and dual mastering grade monitor outputs for high quality playback and easy switching between two sets of speakers. Dual headphones outputs and transformer-based reamp outputs provide even further utility, making the Orion Studio HD a true all-in-one recording and mixing solution. Eight channels of additional I/O are available digitally via S/PDIF and ADAT, while Word Clock I/O ports double as Loop Sync ports to help keep all of the devices in your rack in perfect sync regardless of whether you are on a Native or HD system.

“Our Orion Studio line of interfaces has won over many users with its reputation for pristine sound quality and myriad features, including our suite of groundbreaking real time FX,” says Antelope Audio CEO Igor Levin. “Now we are pleased to make that superior functionality available to ProTools HD users as well with the Orion Studio HD. A powerful DAW platform needs an uncompromising recording interface to realize its full potential, and Antelope Audio has delivered that to the HD platform with the Orion Studio HD.”

Mission Control
The Orion Studio HD’s desktop app for Mac or PC gives users access to Antelope Audio’s comprehensive routing matrix, as well as real time FX chains and monitor mixes. The recently introduced Matrix View offers a detailed alternative to Antelope’s classic drag-and-drop routing interface. Attributes like gain and track volumes can also be controlled remotely via an iOS or Android app or from a local area network computer.

Antelope Audio’s Session Presets feature allows user to save every detail of their routing, FX, mixer, preamp, and view settings for instantaneous recall on the fly. This is a valuable way to have the perfect template ready at a moment’s notice, or to enable sharing across multiple studio rooms or facilities. Artists who work from multiple studios will also benefit from the ability to have full and instantaneous recall of their favorite settings wherever their work takes them.

Visit Antelope Audio at AES Berlin Booth 315.

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