Anton Anru has announced the release of A Hundred, a collection of 100 presets for the Repro-5 virtual analog synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Anton Anru A Hundred for Repro 5

There are harsh, metallic, powerful sounds, as well as mild, intimate and soft ones. Some timbres are quite well-known, classic and must-have, others are experimental, unique and never heard before (supposedly). All the sounds are universal and suitable for every modern genre. It depends on your imagination.

It is strongly recommended to try every preset in different note ranges, e.g. a bass may turn into an interesting lead at higher notes; or keys may sound like bells if are played couple octaves higher.

So you get even more than 100 sounds as a patch may play different roles just because of an octave. Not to mention the Mod Wheel, that may change a sound drastically.

A Hundred features

  • 100 presets for Repro-5.
  • Includes 18 Leads, 16 Basses, 15 Pads, 11 Plucks, 13 Keys, 16 Synths, 11 FXs.
  • Most patches use built-in effects for ready to go sounds.
  • Modwheel assigned for dynamic play.
  • Patches include short description and technical info.
  • «Categories», «Features» and «Character» section are used to help find sounds with tags.

The soundset is available for $25 USD from the LFO Store.

More information: A Hundred