Antress has released Modern Compressor, Modern Meter (the VU-metering that is also part of Modern Compressor) and Modern Equalizer. These freeware plug-ins were made with SynthMaker.

As the name suggests, the Modern Compressor is not for vintage or classic style compression but geared toward a modern type of compression that might be useful in musical style such as Hard Trance, Hard House, Nu Metal etc.


  • Controls for Threshold, Gain, Input, Limiter, Attack, Release, Knee and Ratio
  • Stereo VU meters (input or output can be selected)
  • Power and VU switches

The Modern Meter plug-in only features controls for Attack and Release and a switch to select metering for either VU or PPM.

Modern Equalizer is a simple equalizer with separate sections for Low Band and High Band controls. Each has Gain, Frequency and Band controls. You can see a screenshot of Modern Equalizer here.