Antress Painkiller

Antress has released 2 new freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC: Modern De-Esser and Modern Painkiller.

Modern De-Esser features threshold, ratio, width, freq, and release controls which are to help you in de-essing your source material.

Modern Painkiller is a stereo amplifier module with classic Teletronix LA-2A® compressor coloring.

Both plug-ins are now included in version 3.20 of the Modern Series package.

Additional changes in Modern Series v3.20

  • Improved: Modern VD-ME attack and release mode
  • Improved: Modern Expander sound engine
  • Improved: Modern Black Dragon sound engine
  • Fixed: Modern VG-ME Freqs

Visit Antress for more information and links to download the new plug-ins.

Note: Since Antress’ website seems to be down (or rather redirect to the SSL website…) you can download the plug-ins from