Antress has released version 4.30 of Modern Plugins, a collection of freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

Antress Modern Exciter MK-IV and Deep Purple MK-IV

Changes in Modern Plugins v4.30

  • New: Modern Exciter MK-IV
    • Power On/Off button.
    • Stereo level meters include.
    • Extreme Low, High controls.
    • Balance control.
    • Output control (-18 to 18 dB).
  • New: Modern Deep Purple MK-IV
    • Signal In/Off button.
    • LCD display include.
    • High-pass filter control (20 to 200 Hz).
    • Low-pass filter control (22 KHz to 12 KHz).
    • 3 Band Program EQ (LF, MF, HF).
    • Gain, Freq, Q controls.
    • Trim level control (-18 to 18 dB).
  • Modern Seventh Sign: improved GUI.
  • Modern Amplifier: improved GUI.

The Modern Plugins pack is available as freeware for Windows PC (VST).

More information: Antress