Brian of Audio Plugin Deals has published a walkthrough of the Piano Bundle by Production Voices, a collection of five totally unique piano sample libraries for the free Plogue Sforzando sampler.

The bundle features the sounds of an American Steinway D concert grand piano, a beautifully sampled Yamaha C7 grand piano, a dark and charismatic piano perfect for sound design, horror music, hybrid cinematic music and more, the classic Mark V electric piano, and a Kawai GS 60 piano.

Each of these libraries is beautifully sampled and completely different from the rest, and they come with a variety of snapshots for instantly changing the entire sound and tone of the instrument, as well as amazing reverbs, tape saturation.

Furthermore, you to customize the sensitivity, key/pedal noise, and more to really shape the character of the piano. A great collection at a no-brainer price!

The Piano Bundle is still on sale for only $79.99 USD until February 5th.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals