Apollo Sound has released Explosive Claps, a sample pack featuring a collection of 145 banging stacked clap samples.

Apollo Sound Explosive Claps

This library is created especially for those who cannot imagine his modern tracks without stacked clap samples. We have done everything to record hand claps from scratch, process, and layer them with other sounds and categorising in 8 different styles.

The library was recorded with Oktava MK-318 condenser stereo-pair and dynamic Shure SM-58 microphones (classic to percussion & drums records), and passed through analogue preamps and compressors. All the sounds were processed in compliance with the highest standards of sound engineering and they are fully ready to be used in your DAW and hard/soft samplers. Besides the general WAV audio format we created for your convenience, sampler patches for the following soft samplers: KONTAKT and EXS24.

The pack includes:

  • 23 Club Claps, snappy claps mixed and layered with classic club snares, fxs and synth sounds.
  • 16 Foley Claps, live hand claps mixed and layered with percussion samples and organic sounds.
  • 16 Group Claps, claps of five or more people.
  • 15 Lofi Claps, processed thru lo-fi plugins: bit crushers, 8bit effects etc.
  • 15 Mellow Claps, calm gentle claps for highlighting the charisma of smooth and chill tracks.
  • 16 Movie Claps, powerful wide claps, layered with sound of toms, balls, whips adding huge reverb.
  • 20 Reverb Claps, long-tailed reverbed clap samples.
  • 25 Solo Claps, dry claps of one or two people.
  • 8 Sampler Patches for Kontakt & EXS24.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £8.95 GBP.

More information: Apollo Sound