Applied Acoustics Systems has announced the release of Transparency, a soundset for Ultra Analog VA-2 and the AAS Player plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Transparency is sound designer Daniel Stawczyk’s fourth title in AAS’ Sound Bank Series and his third for Ultra Analog VA-2. The 149 presets explore the percussive nature of AAS’ analog synthesizer. Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, and Percussion loops are bundled along with Ambient, Synth, and Effect sounds. Typical of Daniel’s mysterious and exotic aesthetics, Transparency aims to yield pulse, motion, and relief to your tracks.

“With such a versatile instrument as Ultra Analog VA-2, there seems to be no possible sound limitation. Ultra Analog is not a drum dedicated instrument, but designing a mostly drum oriented bank was not a big effort as one might expect. This showcases how Ultra Analog brilliantly is able to adjust to one’s sonic need,” said Daniel Stawczyk, “Transparency has more presets than most bank in the series I think and this is because I could not help, in addition to drums and loops, to add some other inspiring patches. Transparency appears to have opened a new gate which luckily I have happened to explore.”

Transparency is available for $39 USD. Until August 31st, 2015, the soundset is available at the special introductory price of $19 USD.

The instant download delivery package includes both a Ultra Analog VA-2 bank file and the free AAS Player plug-in. The AAS Player plug-in runs on both Windows and Mac OS X and supports the VST, Audio Units, AAX Native, and RTAS plug-in formats.

More information: Applied Acoustics Systems / Transparency