Loopmasters has launched the Aquarius: Crystal Vocals sample pack by 91Vocals, featuring a collection of vocal hooks, phrases, adlibs, and more.

Shimmering with glossy hooks, perfect pop polish and crystalline melodies, Aquarius: Crystal Vocals showcases all new vocal samples recorded and engineered by the 91Vocals team.

Bridging the gap between lyrical hooks and chopped vocal FX, this pack delivers breathy adlibs, short phrased motifs and useful vocal one shots, perfect for adding layers, textures and adding interesting vocal elements to elevate your tracks.

Mirroring this air sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius showcases sparkling EQ, heavy tuning, thick stereo widening and crisp compression providing clean modern processing. Bright, airy reverbs and ethereal spatial delays add character to the ‘wet’ performances.

Other recent titles include Hyper Lux Soulful RnB, Vocal Hooks Mint Label, and Vocal Glaze Power Pop Chops.

The sample packs are available for £34.95 GBP each.

More information: 91Vocals