Monster Sounds

Drum and Bass legends Aquasky have joined forces with Loopmasters to launch Monster Sounds, a new sample label.

Alongside exclusive sample packs from Aquasky themselves alongside their cut up house alter-ego Black Noise, Aquasky have dug deep into them rolodex to bring you packs from top artists and producers from around the world in various cutting edge genres and styles, with the aim to release a pack every few weeks. Watch out for packs from Sy & Unkown, The Baker Brothers, Lee Mortimer, Kanji Kinetic and Organ Donors alongside some very exciting vocal-based packs tapping their huge network of top MCs and rappers focusing on the different sounds emanating from across the States kicking off with East Coast Rap Pack and Dirty South Rap Pack!

Brent from Aquasky explains, “There will be two levels to what Monster Sounds is about. Firstly presenting a fantastic line up of some of the very best musicians/producers that we know. Secondly to offer packs designed for the working producer that concentrate on key instrumentation or vocalisation, a staple for any professional recording studio.”

Monster Sounds aims to provide inspirational royalty free audio content for music producers and DJ’s alike. Incorporating pro Sessions from well-known artists or tailoring specific musical and vocal content for the professional recording studio.

Monster Sounds launches with sample pack ‘Warehouse’ from Aquasky’s own alias Black Noise.

More information: Monster Sounds