Arago Audio has announced the release of Arago Audio 001, a soundset featuring 50+ presets for the Bazille hybrid modular synthesizer by u-he.

Arago Audio 001 for u-he Bazille

Making use of its modular synthesis-, analogue-, and digital FM- modelling features. The sounds utilize the powerful modular interface of Bazille, as well as its excellent FM features.

With patches taking inspiration from modern Berlin techno, electronica, classic Detroit keys, modular drones, chords and sequences, taking influences from the likes of Robert Hood, and Detroit pioneers aswell as modern clubs like Berghain.

Arago Audio 001 features

  • 18 sequences.
  • 15 basses.
  • 3 pads.
  • 9 chords and synth hits.
  • 7 fx.

The soundset is available for purchase for 14 EUR.

More information: Arago Audio