AraldFX StormGate1

AraldFX has released a public beta of StormGate1 and StormGate3, two gating effects, which let you create new and unheard rhythmic parts from virtually any kind of audio material.

StormGate3 splits the audio in three bands, and lets you shape each audio band with amplitude patterns. Patterns can be drawn freely by hand, or with the aid of powerful drawing tools! You can transform within seconds a static pad into an almost complete rhythmic part, create new rhythms from vocals, instruments, noises of any kind, or even create amazing drums parts out of pure noise!

Instead of drawing the envelopes, you can also record envelope patterns.

The freeware StormGate1 has only one band, but most of the functionality of StormGate3.

StormGate3 will be available by the end of May for PC/VST, MAC/VST (and MAC/AU at a later date) for $59.00 (pre-order for only USD 39.00).

Visit AraldFX for more information.