AraldFX DKS Pro v1.0f

AraldFX has released version 1.0.7 of DKS Pro, a drum synthesizer VST instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

This synthesizer can accurately emulate many of the classic electronic drums machine sounds, but through its extra FM and physical drum shell modeling features can go much further, even giving an interesting acoustic touch to synthesized sounds.

Changes in DKS Pro v1.0.7

  • Version numbering has changed from letter to numbers. Latest version was 1.0g beta.
  • Corrected the compressor Vu-Meter display issues.
  • Important: on PC name VST plug-in DLL changed from DKS D-Hammer to AraldFX DKS PRO. For backward compatibility with some hosts that rely on the DLL name instead of the plug-in internal identifier you may need to manually rename the DLL.

DKS Pro is now available for a reduced price of $75 USD (previously $125). A demo version of DKS Pro can be downloaded from the product page.

A new version of DKS Pro is coming in 2009. It will have an extremely interesting upgrade price and an impressive list of features according to AraldFX.

Visit AraldFX for more information.