Progressive & Tek Loops Vol 1

Arcana Sounds has announced the launch of Progressive & Tek Loops Volume 1, its first loops sample library, and Progressive & Tek Kicks Volume 2, a collection of kick samples.

Progressive & Tek Loops Volume 1 contains 200+ professionally produced (from scratch) loops, which are ready to use in a sampler supporting PCM WAV files.

Within the pack you will find a wide range of percussion loops ready to drop straight into your projects -they have also included over ‘100 Off Beat Helpers’ and ‘177 One Shot Samples’ which were used in the creation of the loops. They also included ’10 Clap Loops’.

Progressive & Tek Loops Vol 1 features

  • 424 WAV samples (24-bit/48kHz)
    • 120 Percussion Loops 128BPM.
    • 117 Offbeat Helpers 128BPM.
    • 177 One shot samples.
    • 10 Clap Loops.
  • NOTE: Kicks are not featured in the loops or included in this pack. These kicks are available in the Progressive & Tek Kicks – Volume Two Pack.

Progressive & Tek Kicks Volume 2 includes 700+ professionally produced kick drum samples.

Progressive & Tek Kicks Vol 2

Following on from our Progressive & Tek Kicks – Volume One; this pack contains more variety of style now with a more rounded sound – this pack would favor those producing Proglift or more edgy progressive sounds, but will work in other styles as well.

These kick samples have been professionally produced from scratch. There are no sampled kicks or layered kicks from other sample banks; this makes our kicks perfectly clean and punchy allowing you to use them with confidence in all your productions.

Progressive & Tek Kicks Vol 2 features

  • 780 WAV samples (24-bit/48kHz)
    • 260 Clean Kicks (Cleaned up / Polished).
    • 260 Raw Kicks (Original).
    • 260 Boosted Kicks (Compressed and Saturated).
    • 201 Kick Toppers.

Both sample packs are available to purchase for £25 GBP each.

More information: Arcana Sounds