Arc 5 at VST Buzz

VST Buzz has launched a limited time deal for Arc 5, the virtual synthesizer instrument by Archetype Instruments.

Looking to create new and unique sounds? Arc 5 is a powerful software synthesizer that is capable of creating extreme sounds using 5 synth modes with 2 voice layers, 1 multi-effects processor and 32 step DUAL Arpeggiator system.

Perfect for beginners or advanced synth users, this is an incredible synthesizer that will allow you to easily create unique, powerful and crazy sounds. Check out the demos to see how awesome this synth really is! (Note: Windows only)

Arc 5 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase at VST Buzz for $29.97 USD until September 17th, 2013 (40% off regular).

More information: VST Buzz