Archetype Instruments Arc 5

Archetype Instruments has announced the release of the Arc 5 software synthesizer for Windows.

Arc 5 has 5 synthesizer under 1 philosophy. Each mode’s signature sounds can be created with 8 controllers.

Arc 5 is carefully designed to generate various sound ranges with extremely few controllers.
Each controllers affect various parameters related to each other simultaneously.

As a result of experimenting with repeated measurements, the components of sound are put into best use, under the condition of limited variables. These efforts are aimed at letting musicians concentrate on their music itself, and not on confusing parameters.

Arc 5 features

  • 2 Layer X 5 Synthesizer Mode (VA, 7S, FM, WG, EL).
  • Arpeggiator with pitch and velocity step sequencer.
  • Multi Effector (Distortion, Chorus, Delay, Reverb).
  • 256 Programs (4 Banks).
  • VST/ Standalone (Windows only).

The Arc 5 plug-in costs $49.95 USD.

Visit Archetype Instruments for more information.