Archetype Instruments Arc 5

Archetype Instruments has announced version 2.01 of Arc 5, the 2nd generation of its synthesizer instrument for Windows.

We have been focused on how to create those outstanding and extreme sounds easier and faster expected from 5 characteristic synthesis algorithm: Subtractive, Supersaw Emulation, FM, Physical Modeling and Unison voice sawtooth with hard sync.

We also have been researched on advanced multi effect processor for more diverse results and easy to use arpeggiator system for more dynamic phrases.

As a result of these efforts, Arc 5 has extremely few controllers for quick and easy control, extreme sounds from 5 synth modes with 2 layers, 1 multi-effect processor and 32 step DUAL Arpeggiator system.

Changes in Arc 5 v2.01

  • 32 Step DUAL Arpeggiator System
    • 4~32 step 2 independent Arpeggiators.
    • More dynamic and brilliant phrases can be made.
    • 64 preset programs made with DUAL Arpeggiator added.
  • Instant On/Off: Instant Arpeggiator, Layer and FX On/Off without page moving.
  • Pre Effect Pan Control: Pre Effect Panpot added for more dramatic FX.
  • Graphic User Interface
    • Fascinating Real-Time Oscilloscope.
    • Vectorized UI for clearer view.
  • Higher Audio Quality with Low CPU usage
    • CPU stability improved.
    • VA mode engine improved.
  • And more
    • Preset manager stability improved.
    • Bug fixed.

The Arc 5 synthesizer for Windows (VST/standalone) is available to purchase for $49.95 USD.

Visit Archetype Instruments for more information.