Archetype Instruments Arc 5

Archetype Instruments has released version 2.02 of its Arc 5 synthesizer instrument for Windows.

The Arc 5 is the culmination of our efforts: a simplified the user interface with just 8 controllers for fast and easy control, powerful sounds from 5 synth modes with 2 voice layers, 1 multi-effects processor, and a 32-step DUAL arpeggiator system.

Changes in Arc 5 v2.02

  • Added Progress bar while restoring to factory settings.
  • Changed some Synth modes’ name:
    • 7S to S7: Supersaw emulation.
    • EL to HS: Hard synced unison voices.
  • Improved MIDI learn feature.
  • FX parameter label automatically changes according to its parameter value:
    • cab size: 0~90, bitcrusher: 91~100.
    • chorus amnt: 0~50, flanger amnt: 51~100.
  • User guide has been updated to v2.02.
  • Improved Standalone mode icon.

The Arc 5 synthesizer for Windows (VST/standalone) costs $49.95 USD.

Visit Archetype Instruments for more information.