Ardour, the digital audio workstation for Mac and Linux, was updated to version 2.8.4.

It has been a month of mostly bug fixing activity, but some nice fixes they certainly are and we’ve included a couple of new features just to keep you all interested and paying attention. If you use BWF files for anything, this update is critical, because we have fixed a very serious error in the way we generate the header for such files. As of this writing, this is planned to be the last release of Ardour 2.X before 3.0alpha is announced (unless there are any critical breakages in this release).

New in Ardour v2.8.4

  • Plugin manager now has a “hide” option so that you can control which plugins show up in the plugin menus (J. Abelardo Gutierrez).
  • New “by category” plugin menu, to complement the “by creator” one that already existed (J. Abelardo Gutierrez).
  • If auto-play is enabled, defining or changing a range selection will immediately start playing it.
  • New action, ToggleRollMaybe, which leaves loop play or range play mode but without stopping the transport (Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-space by default).
  • PortInsert GUIs now have a builtin hardware latency “ping” tester, modelled on Fons Adriennsen’s jdelay. This can accurately measure the roundtrip signal latency of your insert and sets the latency that JACK sees. You can now use external h/w processing and get sample-accurate latency compensation within Ardour.
  • New Region Layering Editor. This is accessed via the region context menu, and provides an easy way to modify the layering of regions at a given location (it will only show in the menu if there is more than one region under the mouse pointer). It can be used as an excellent tool for comping loop recording or overdubs in general. Thanks to JAG for this excellent addition.

Check the change log for more details, including some critical fixes and improvements.

More information: Ardour