Are You Prepared

Andreas Busk-Jepsen has recently launched the Are You Prepared website.

Andreas writes:

Pieces of wood, strips of plastic, rubber, bamboo and cloth as well as weather stripping, bolts, screws, nuts and coins… placed between the strings of a grand piano… This instrument is one of many ingenious musical inventions thought out by sound philosopher, inventor and revolutionary composer John Cage (1912-1992).

This original arrangement of everyday objects placed between the strings of a grand piano has become known as the ‘prepared piano’. Although the instrument sounds amazing and like something out of this world, it is largely overlooked.

Live Packs for both Simpler and Sampler are available for download from the website.

Are You Prepared Live Pack features

  • 37 prepared piano samples of unusually high quality.
  • All samples are recorded in the renowned concert hall of Esbjerg Music Conservatory, Denmark.
  • No streching or looping has been made in the digital sampling process; each note has its own unique sample.
  • The careful choice of microphones and their placement in, over and under the piano results in an intimate feel for the instrument.

AYP will be available as an EXS version for Logic soon as well.

Visit the Are You Prepared website for more information, mp3 files, some movies and the download links.