Ignite VST has launched Areena, an algorithmic reverb effect plugin featuring Plate and Room algorithms.

Ignite VST Areena

Areena was designed to sound very natural but also comes with a modulation control. This control can add subtle variations to the reverb or can make the reverb sound unnatural for a more experimental sound. Modulation simulates the effect of the walls of a room moving, of course this never happens in the real world but can be an interesting effect.

Areena is really simple to use and sounds great.

Areena features

  • Plate and Room algorithms.
  • Bandwidth: Limit the frequencies entering the Reverb.
  • Damping: Control the rate at which higher frequencies fade from the Reverb.
  • Stereo Width: Make the Reverb sound more stereo or more mono.
  • Modulation: Simulates the walls of the room moving at a set frequency.
  • Scale: The Plugin is resizable, drag the bottom right corner to change the size of the plug-in.

Areena for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Ignite VST