u-he has announced the release of Arena, a new soundset by Kevin Schroeder for the Hive synthesizer.

Arena for u-he Hive

Comprising 50 presets, this soundset highlights a single theme, offering concentrated inspiration.

Arena focuses on lead sounds crafted for the high energy of contemporary techno, trance, dubstep, EDM and more.

Sound designer Kevin Schroeder pushed himself and Hive to create lead sounds bursting with vigour and character. And he certainly delivered: 50 presets ready for writing memorable melodies and riffs.

The soundset is available for $15 USD ex. VAT in EU.

u-he has also announced that its upcoming Repro-5 synthesizer is now in an internal beta test phase.

u he Repro 5 beta

While we are excited to hit this milestone, we know there is still more work to do. Once we are confident that all bugs have been squashed, the next phase is a public beta. Then you can finally get your hands on Repro-5, try it out and help us get it over the finish line. Not much longer… stay tuned.

Furthermore, a customer survey has launched, offering you the opportunity to help u-he gather information about its customers and get rewarded a 15% off coupon in the process.

More information: u-he