Modal Electronics has just announced an all-new firmware update for its critically-acclaimed feature-packed Argon-series synthesizers.

Never content with a static approach to product development, and directly responding to the needs of their global user community, firmware v2.6 adds a raft of new forward-thinking features that guarantee to supercharge user’s creative output like never before.

Firmware v2.6 adds 12 new Wavetable Banks containing 60 all-new Waveforms. Now, producers, performers and sound designers can experience immediate access to two independent wave-groups each containing 180 carefully crafted wavetables split into 36 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets; there’s even an additional PWM bank and three noise/modulation banks accessible on wave-group 2.

In addition, users can now effortlessly link OSC2 tuning to be linked to OSC1 frequency via a handy OSC2 Tune Mode control. Fuse all of this with 32 static wavetable modifiers, including, de-rez, wave folders, waveshapers, phase shapers and rectify, all of which can be applied to the 180 wavetables – not to mention eight types of oscillator modifier – and the sonic possibilities are virtually limitless.

The update is available via the MODALapp.

More information: Modal Electronics