Audio Plugin Deals has announced a sale on the Ethnic-World Collection by Aria Sounds, offering 86% off on the collection of 3 authentic sounding instruments for Kontakt.

This collection features 3 unique instruments: Indian Bansuri Flute, Chinese Xiao Flute and Celtic Harp.

Powered by the full version of Kontakt 5 or higher, these beautifully sampled instruments sound authentic and are suitable for high quality productions.

Ethnic-World Collection features

  • Indian Bansuri Flute
    • True legato interval playing.
    • Articulations include Vibrato, No Vibrato, Different types of turn FP (loud – sudden quiet), Accelerating Vibrato, Airy Soft vs Harder Attacks.
    • The range of the instrument is two octaves, starting from middle C going up.
    • 0.8GB size.
  • Chinese Xiao Flute
    • Multiple keyswitches.
    • Extremely human-like sound.
    • Articulations include Builds, From Above, Turn, FP (loud – sudden quiet), Mordent, Normal.
    • 0.6GB size.
  • Celtic Harp
    • 3 Dynamic levels.
    • Up to 9 variations per note.
    • Velocity mapped dynamics.
    • 2.33GB size.

The collection is on sale for just $19 USD until February 22nd, 2022 (regular $136 USD). After completing the order you will also receive $19 USD in rewards for use in the APD Shop.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals